• Registered in the United Kingdom; promoted brand is licensed in Cyprus (through a Lottoyard sublicense)
  • Software used: proprietary affiliate software
  • Lotteries covered: SuperEnaLotto, Mega Millions, Euro Millions, Lotto649, EuroJackpot, UK Lotto, BonoLoto, LaPrimitiva, ElGordo, PowerBall, New York Lotto
  • 15%-35% Revenue Share Commissions
  • $30 – $75 CPA Commissions
  • 3%-5% Sub-affiliate commission
  • Payout methods: Wire Transfer, e-wallets
  • Minimum payout requirement: $100
  • Real-time updates for statistics and commissions screenshot

If you’re raring to join the online lottery affiliate industry then you’re going to want to be in a program such as Lotto.Partners. As an affiliate partner, you’ll be able to officially promote the LottoBooker brand. This fast-growing lottery ticket purchasing service boasts of covering the biggest lotteries in Europe, Australia, and North America. It’s also one of the few brands in the industry that provide its players with VIP Loyalty Program as a reward for their continued use of the service. Due to these features, the brand has become one of the best when it comes to converting and retaining referrals from its affiliates. So what are the commissions you can expect from the affiliate program then?

Revenue Share Model

1-50 Monthly First Time Depositors (FTDs) – 15% Revenue Share Commission
51-150 Monthly FTDs – 20% Revenue Share Commission
151-300 Monthly FTDs – 25% Revenue Share Commission
301+ Monthly FTDs – 35% Revenue Share Commission

CPA Commissions

Monthly Payments of $35, $50, and $75 dependent on the number of FTDs referred.

Sub-Affiliate Commissions

2nd Tier Affiliates – 3% Revenue Share Commission
3rd Tier Affiliates – 5% Revenue Share Commission

The rates of the revenue share and CPA commissions offered by Lotto.Partners are actually much higher than what you’d normally find on other affiliate programs. Though the prerequisites to getting these commissions might seem high, they’re in fact quite manageable. If affiliates are able to get more than 301 FTDs as referrals, the program can also change the terms of the commission structure and give them 50% of the revenue generated from half of the referred FTDs. Another way for affiliates to earn is by promoting the program itself to webmasters and other affiliates. The program gives affiliates who successfully sub-affiliates with a 3% revenue share commission (taken from the sub-affiliates’ referrals’ net generated revenue). Then when these sub-affiliates refer their own sub-affiliates, the root affiliate will get an additional 5% revenue share commission (taken from the 3rd tier affiliate/sub-affiliates’ sub-affiliates).

In order for Lotto.Partners to process a payout to an affiliate, he/she(the affiliate) will need to make sure that his/her commissions have already reached at least $100 (or $500 if he chose the Wire Transfer payout method). Provided the amount reached the minimum requirement, the program will then process the payout to the affiliate’s chosen payment method. As of the moment, these are limited to Wire Transfer and e-Wallets. The program is also quite flexible with its payouts support since it does process (under its discretion) payments using methods other than what’s listed above.

LottoBooker is a lottery ticket purchasing service that’s currently owned and managed by Fintar 1 Services Limited. Though the company is based in the UK, it’s license to operate was issued in Cyprus through LottoYard (the online lottery ticket purchasing platform that it uses). The service is mainly targeted at players in Europe though others can register at the platform as well (provided the service is not illegal in the country that they’re residing). Players would undoubtedly be happy to learn that through this service, they’ll be able to purchase tickets from popular lotteries such as Mega Millions, EuroMillions, SuperEnaLoto, EuroJackpot, Lotto649, BonoLoto, UK Lotto, LaPrimitiva, ElGordo, New York Lotto, and Power Ball. Aside from this, the service also has a VIP Loyalty Program that rewards players for every dollar they deposit.

Much like with other affiliate programs, a little patience is required when signing up for a Lotto.Partners affiliate account. At 24 hours, the waiting time isn’t actually that long though. As soon as they receive the email notifying them of the program’s approval, affiliates can then start promoting LottoBooker. To do so, they’ll need to login to their account and make use of the marketing tools found on their affiliate dashboard. These marketing tools include banners, text links, and even bespoke tools that the affiliate can use on his/her affiliate site or e-mail/social media campaigns. Aside from these, the program also provides a monitoring/tracking system that’s updated in real time to help affiliates keep tabs on their referral efforts. Curios about this affiliate program and its partner brand? If that’s the case then make sure to check out the Lotto.Partners site to know more.

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