Are lottery tickets a good Christmas gift?

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Come Christmas time, one of the more popular gifts you’ll see are lottery tickets and scratch cards. Basically anything that can be presented as a gift like a gift card, you’ll see them as popular items for Christmas year after year. But are these the type of gifts you should be giving out? There are 2 groups of people that say hell yes while others think you should be very cautious about it. As long as you use your judgement of the people you want to give these tickets to, it’s all your call.

lottery tickets as gifts

Are winners obligated to give you a cut of a lottery win if it was a gift?

The answer is no. Whether that person paid for the ticket or they were given it as a gift, you are not entitled to any of that lottery win should that turn out to be a winning ticket of any sorts. So the next question is, if you think a winner should give you a cut then only buy tickets for people that you think would want to share the wealth. If you think that person wouldn’t give you a cut, just give them a gift card or maybe don’t even consider them for a gift. Then again, don’t buy lottery tickets as gifts if you are the type of person that might expect something in return.

Scratch cards as a gift

Lottery tickets can sometimes seem less personal as you really need to pick someone else’s numbers for them. With a scratchcard, you’ll give that person instant excitement and they probably have a realistic shot at a much smaller jackpot. Overall scratchcards and lottery tickets are great gifts for those that are regular players. It might be a bit insensitive to give these as gifts to people that are not gamblers or people that are against gambling.

Be sure to treat yourself to some Christmas lottery tickets this year so you’re not just giving without a chance of hitting a lottery jackpot.

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